Saturday, February 23, 2008

The knit tag night was a riot and Valentine's morning was a sight to behold. To be honest I wasn't sure if any of them would make the night given how keen security usually are to get rid of such threatening and scary items, but most of them were still there in all their glory.

Sadly, it turned out I was lucky to get these shots when I did, because only moments later cleaners realised the terrible risk they were causing to humanity and took several of them down. Phew, thank goodness we have the boys in orange to keep us safe. Here they are saving us from the pink peril:

And here's the moment when several days worth of knitting make their way to their final resting place. RIP. Amen.

There was however, one adornment that didn't end up binside, and that was the scarf and trotter cuffs on Il Porcillino, the wild boar who stands outside the Sydney Hospital:

Turns out Il Porcy is used to a little flashy garb from time to time. Being Italian, I suppose that fits.
Porcy's trotter cuffs have heart labels that ask "Do my trotters look big in this?". Some other Valentine's-appropriate labels for the evening included:
1. Thank you. Sorry. I love you. Your top is nice. Have you had a haircut. Looks good.
2. Sorry I didn't apologise earlier. John.
3. Thanks for putting out the garbage.
4. Love is over-rated.
5. No matter how cute or funny a man is, there is a woman who is sick of him.
7. My darling. My lampost.
8. I love my dad.
9. Some people think chocolate is a substitute for love. Sensible people know it is the other way round.
10. I think therefore I'm single.
11. Thank god I got the children.
12. Maybe if this tag is witty enough someone will love me.
13. When it comes to relationships, bourbon bourbon bourbon.
14. No you hang up first...
15 I heart sydney. I heart knitting.
16 I heart canberra.
17 Love is always a little rough around the edges
...and on Porcy:
18 All pigs are pigs
20 Pig love. If you really loved me you wouldn't walk away after rubbing my nose.
21 Love's a boar and then you snort.
Thanks to everyone who came along and made it a very memorable farewell party. I am thinking that a knit tagging event like this is something we should do on a regular basis. Maybe I will even find some people in Canberra to do this too!


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